Unique and special products

Our products are handmade piece by piece with a traditional way in order to stand out and also preserve their uniqueness. They are separated in two categories, the kitchenware and the home decoratives.

The machines that we use are old school and they work without the help of computers or other modern technology, the only thing needed , is a measure and a pencil. The lab is being composed from a band saw, a small sander, a drill, a table / mitresaw and of course a lathe of wood which was constructed the year 1917, belongs to our family since 1967 and works tirelessly and with no problem at all, until now.



Easy maintenance

For the completion of the products we don’t use varnishes or other chemicals, only pure virgin oil.  This gives the ability to the client to be able to use our products in their kitchen and in their food having absolutely no problem at all. Their maintenance is very easy, you can handwash them like all kitchenware with hot water and dishwashing soap, but you just shouldn’t leave them in water for more than ten minutes and also once a month, you should put some olive oil on a clean cloth or a napkin and apply it on the kitchen vessel.