The workshop started being in business in 1996 in Vizari Amariou from Niko Voskaki , father of Gianni Voskaki , who now owns and runs the business since 2010. Until the year 2015 the workshop was situated at the same old graphic village of Rethymno in the middle of Crete, but the same year it was relocated at the village Adele of Rethymno, where it was easier for the clients to visit.

At the workshop, even though the passage of the years, everything works traditionally as it was working 20 years ago.  From the one side is being housed the lab with old school machinery and on the other side there is the exhibition with the products. The coexistence of the workshop and of the exhibition, gives the opportunity to the visitor to satisfy the need for special orders, if of course the necessary wood is available.

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Store Hours

Our store is open from April until September from 10 a.m <br />until 18.00 p.m

Delivery time for special orders

The delivery time for special orders for handmade products, differs, depending to the design and the number of the units in the order.


From orders from our website or call orders, we except  transfer or deposit to a bank account  or Paypal payment.

Wood quality

The material that we use is exclusively olive wood from Rethymno and more specifically from the village Vizari Amariou.